TL900 Tactical Headlamp Review

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TL900 Tactical HeadlampGet The Ultimate In Tactical Lighting!

The TL900 Tactical Headlamp is the number one selling head mounted light in the country.  Why? Because it’s absolutely loaded with featured that make it not only stand out from the herd, but outright dominate it.  It features a revolutionary high lumen flashlight that has been shown to be the most adjustable unit on the market.  Made from aircraft aluminum, this waterproof headlamp gives the ability to tackle any challenge.  The lamp can last up to 100,000 hours, and because it features a lense that allows you to focus the beam for long distance viewing, you’ll never be caught off guard.  

The TL900 Tactical Headlamp has grown to be one of the most trusted names in wearable light tech, and that’s because they’re pushing the envelope in just about everything that a headlamp used to stand for.  Gone are the days of a flimsy elastic band attaching a basic bulb flashlight to the side of your head.  Also gone are the days of heavy, cumbersome helmets that carry huge battery packs that drain faster than you can charge them.  The TL900 LED Headlamp is truly one of a kind, and now that it has become available to select members of the public, we’re happy to share with you the best price available.  Click the link below to see for yourself why the TL900 Head Lamp is the best out there!

How Does The TL900 Tactical Headlamp Work?

Using a blend of technologies first pioneered by the US Military, the TL900 Tactical Headlamp puts together the best mounted lighting we’ve ever seen.  It uses a ridiculously bright LED light that outshines just about every other one on the market, and it combines it with a non slip tactical headband that combines the classic goggle style strap, with an over-the-head spelunkers strap for a secure attachment you can count on.  But that’s just the dressings!  The real meat of this puppy is in the light itself.  It can adjust 90 degrees for precise viewing without craning your neck.  More on the features below!

TL900 Tactical Headlamp Review

TL900 Tactical Headlamp Features

As you can see above, there are some interesting features that we haven’t covered yet.  The first, the Cree XM-L T6 LED Emitter is a state of the art, 1000-lumen rated light that requires less power than typical bulbs, and shines brighter than just about any bulb you can find.  Not just that, it lasts almost indefinitely with a 100,000 hour life span.  That means you’ll run out of juice far before your lamp does.  It also features four settings for the lamp, with a high intensity setting, as well as a low intensity, and emergency S.O.S. setting for getting noticed quickly.  In danger?  Use the strobe setting to disorient and confuse your opponent, giving you the tactical upper hand.  Lastly, you can apply any of these settings in a technology TL900 calls “Telescopic Focusing.”  Previously only available in telescopes and laser sights, this one is able to give you a crazy amount of control over the intensity of the beam you want to project.  From 1X to an amazing 2000X setting.

TL900 Tactical Headlamp Benefits:

  • 1000 Lumen LED
  • Aircraft Aluminum Construction
  • Telescoping Focus Feature
  • Full Security Head Straps
  • 4 Intense Settings

How To Use The TL900 Tactical Headlamp

The TL900 LED Headlamp is really easy to get going.  First off, adjust the straps to fit your head securely.  If you’ll be wearing it with a hat, or helmet, equip those first.  You’ll find the toggle at the rear for light settings one through 4, and at the front you’ll find the toggles for focusing and pivot.  It’s really intuitive and easy to use.  It will feel like a part of your body in no time flat!

Order The TL900 Tactical Headlamp!

Are you ready to get the best tactical headlamp on the market?  Then click the banner below.  From there you’ll be taken directly to the TL900 offer page, which gives you exclusive first dibs on their available stock.  We definitely recommend buying one for you, one for your go bag, and one for your best lady, or hell even your four legged friend.

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